Houston Bmw Engine rebuild

BMW Engine Rebuild


Pure performance Houston Offers Custom 

Engine building. Everything done in house by our trained professionals. 

Bmw Stock Engine Rebuild

BMW M5 and m6 Engine rebuild for blown motor

If you are not looking for big power and just want an engine rebuild. Give us a call. We can do a full teardown and complete factory rebuild of your current BMW M engines. 

Bmw M5 & M6 engine rebuild


We always have Bmw m5 and m6 engines on hand. With more modification to these vehicles we are being them blow engines more frequent. we have Engines ready to go . 

Stage 1 Bmw Engine build


We offer a stage 1 engine build. Fully Stock rebuild internals with upgraded Rod bearings to extend the life of your engine. This is ideal for people that want more reliability and not interested in power of over 700WHP

Stage 2 Bmw Engine build


stage 2 engine build is for the speed addicts. If  you want 900+whp and reliability to your Bmw M cars. We can help. This build includes upgraded Connecting Rods and upgraded Pistons and bearings. 

Stage 3 Bmw engine build


Everything included in stage 2 plus our Ported heads that will allow for 80% more air flow. This will help achieve 1000whp+  on most cars.